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Hey guys! I stumbled across this community and it looks like its a little dead! So, hello! =) My name's Laura, I'm 21, andddd... I really like Gregory Smith! I remember thinking he was a little cutie in Harriet the Spy and then The Patriot and when Everwood came on last year, I was hooked. =) I go to school 20 minutes outside of New York City and the Everwood/WB banners where everywhere in Manhattan last fall -- whenever I'd go in with my friends, I always wanted to nab one.. hehe... I have class till 9 on Monday nights, and I scurry back to my room as fast as I can to catch as much of the beginning of the show as I can. =)

ANYWAY... I just want to say that I am a huge Ephram/Madison fan! I have a thing for younger boys myself, and with Ephram, I can understand the atraction. ... Also! I had totally forgotten all about Kate Brasher!! I miss that show! =)

~ Laura
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